Your company’s culture in a co-working space

Coworking spaces make a great, affordable way for startups and other independent businesses to enjoy affordable, lively office space.

The problem? You aren’t going to be the only one in these spaces. The shared environment has its benefits, but also its challenges.

Namely, how do you put your own stamp on this workplace?

Identifying and implementing a company culture can be hard enough in a conventional setting. Now try doing it in the buzzing environment of a co-working space, where there are a dozen other groups trying to do the same thing.

Finding your company culture in a co-working space does not need to be challenging. You do, however, need to be willing to get a little bit creative.

Today we aim to look at how company cultures can flourish in the environment of a co-working space.

Establish a Presence

In some co-working spaces, a passerby might assume that it was the office space of one company. Without clear branding, why would anyone think otherwise?

In this blended environment, it is important to create a distinct vibe to your own area. Establishing your presence can be very simple. Display your logo. Create an ambiance. Make it visibly obvious that your group is its own unique entity.

Of course, this should be done respectfully. Your objective isn’t to irritate the other groups in the space. You just want to create visual cues for your own team so that they can feel they are apart of something distinct and unique.

Give Your Employees Room to Do the Same

No, don’t have your employees make and display their own logos. That would be weird. Do let them personalize their workspace the same way they would at any other office. Desk toys, pictures of friends, or family, or their dog. Whatever it takes to get them to feel that they are in a space that is comfortable for them.

Make the Effort

In traditional office setups, there are sometimes employees with chunks of their work week strictly dedicated to maintaining the company culture.

That person probably won’t exist in a co-working space. Or rather that person could exist, but they will need to be you.

It’s pretty simple. Make the effort. Help people feel connected with one another. Culture is culture no matter where you put it. It doesn’t just mean shared memes and the occasional happy hour at the end of the work week.

Company culture is the thing that makes you, you. What does it feel like to work for your team? That is your culture. The objective is simply to cultivate that experience to make it what you want.


Coworking spaces already come with a built in culture. The energy, the vibrancy, the fluidity of constant change. The modern feel of the co-working space is an exciting environment to work within.

Your mission is to curate that energy into something that is distinct for your team.

The good news? Once you figure out who you are, and how you want to demonstrate that, company culture will snap right into place.

The average cost of a co-working space is only $195 a month—vastly less than the average office rental. Use some of the money that you save to create a vibrant company culture.

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