That’s right! You need a culture-budget for your company

Company culture is often overlooked. Companies murmur about its importance, but don’t quite embrace it the way that they should.

It’s too bad. Candidates care about their work environment. Some of them care about it more than salary.

In fact, it is estimated that the US economy loses $500 billion a year to workplace stress.

To stay competitive at finding skilled candidates, an emphasis on company culture is a must. And yes, that means that you do need a company culture budget.

You don’t have to spend on culture the same way that Google does. You should, however, think about culture the same way you would any other aspect of your business.

Find your own way

Establishing a company culture is not about copying what the other guys are doing. It’s about finding what works for you and committing to it with clarity.

What work place environment points your company towards future success? That is the culture you want to embrace.

Data is always key

Data is always key. Always. This is true of company culture the same way it is true of any other business operation.

Start by finding small tweaks that you can make to the work environment. Measure the results that the produce, and account for these measures in your budget.

Collecting data will help you make more informed decisions, both about your budget, and about the work environment at large.

Duty Bound

No system operates without someone taking the wheel. If you don’t have someone duty bound to cultivating the company culture it just won’t happen at all.

The person “in charge” of culture (so to speak) does more than ensures that changes unfold the way that they were intended.

They also put a face to your efforts. Assigning company culture as the responsibility of a specific individual shows the rest of your staff that these efforts are more than just superficial.

It doesn’t mean that you need to hire a company culture manager. It does mean you should think about giving a current employee, or employees, a few new responsibilities.

Remember, it’s worth the money

Company culture is not just an abstract that keeps your employees happy. In fact, happiness is a secondary feature of company culture. The point is identity. A clear aesthetic that distinguishes your company from others.

Employees within a well-structured company culture are more productive. And candidates? They will have a better opportunity to understand who you are.

Perhaps your company culture is what drew them to you in the first place. Or, maybe it turned some people away.

Either way, the company culture budget is money well spent. Done right, culture can be the glue that unites a work force.

Who doesn’t want that?


Your company culture budget does not need to be significant. You don’t need a Google-esque yoga studio to give your company a distinct identity.

A little bit of effort goes a long way, and the results are palpable. Productive employees that feel a distinct connection to where they work.

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