Secrets of building the best Company Culture

Skills, experience, and job aptitude are critical components of any thriving workplace. Indeed, these are the qualities that you expect from your applicants. However, businesses are not without their own obligations when it comes to maintaining an optimal work environment. With the job market constantly expanding, companies are now in the position of needing to compete for the best candidates.

Company culture matters significantly as applicants consider what companies they want to apply for.

That is what we aim to look at today. Read on for some tips on how to create an optimal company culture!

First, Why this Matters:

It may be fair to wonder how impactful company culture could actually be. To this end, you need only to consider the data for your answer.

Glassdoor finds that companies with a culture rating of even just a single star are 2.5% more likely to be favored by candidates.

This statistic is important for the fact that it indicates culture is more important to applicants than a series of other factors, including moderate salary hikes of up to $10,000.

These statistics do refer to factors that will motivate a candidate to move for a job. Still, the suggestion is quite powerful. Candidates are more concerned with finding a company they are comfortable with, then one that is willing to pay them a little bit more.

Emphasis on Employee Wellness:

Employees want to feel like they matter as individuals: not just as members of a staff. An emphasis on employee wellness is trending in large companies like Google and Facebook.

That said, you don’t have to be an industry titan to create a comfortable work environment. This could include anything from scheduled breaks to fitness and diet initiatives. Anything you can think of that demonstrates an emphasis on your employee’s well-being.

Emphasis the Culture:

The workplace should be more than just a series of cubicles.  It needs to be an environment in which people feel connected. Company culture should be exactly what the name suggests: a culture. Try to create an environment in which your employees can feel connected to one another.

Some businesses manage this by ending the week with a happy hour late in the afternoon on Fridays. How the “cultural” element of the business environment is achieved is an individualized affair. Regardless, a little bit of effort can make a big difference.

Positive Feedback:

Company culture doesn’t only consist of initiatives and social experiences. In fact, it mostly consists of hourly minutia. How your employees feel their work is being received can have the largest impact.

Your staff will appreciate knowing that their work is being valued. Positive affirmations in response to a job well-done can have a big impact on the overall workplace environment.



The steps illustrated above will help create a positive workplace for existing staff. It will also create a culture that attracts skilled applicants. In a thriving economy with rapid job growth, standing out is important. A positive company culture can help significantly in making one company stand out over another

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