In the changing world of the co-working space

The phrase “co-working space,” is mostly an advent of the last decade. The term registers a little bit funny. “Co-working space?” As opposed to what? We’ve always had co-working spaces, right? We used to call them office spaces.

And that is true, but we didn’t always have office spaces that were filled with independent workers/companies.

That’s new. And it is having a significant impact on the contemporary company culture. Surveys indicate that employees that feel they have a positive company culture are  48% more engaged with their work. It matters.

That in mind, today we will take a look at how co-working spaces are changing company culture.

The Reality of a Co-working Space

There have always been “work from home” positions, and startups that don’t utilize conventional office spaces are nothing new either.

It’s the volume of people that fit into these categories that is new. Currently at least 43% of Americans work from home at least some of the time.

That is a massive number of people that now find themselves in an isolated work environment. That’s the exact reason these co-work spaces are as prominent as they are in the first place.

But it is also very indicative of the mix up people that you will find in these spaces. There are tech startups, but there are also writers, designers, etc.

Anyone that can work at home, can also work at a co-working space.

This means that there are lots of different variables for what will be seen at a co-working space.

Each space has its own culture, the same way each has its own unique composite of people and startups.

The Constant

If there is one constant in co-working space everywhere, it is energy. The makeup of these environments is largely startups. As a result, each one furnishes that excited feeling of being involved in something that might grow or change at a moment’s notice.

The benefit is simple, but impactful. Workers that might otherwise have been alone step into a world with its own, unique quirks and personalities. In co-working spaces the phrase “company culture,” doesn’t work.

There are, however, company cultures. Lots of them, constantly intermingling.

Each Space has its Own Realities

Of course, at the end of the day, each space will have its own realities. Some might allow pets. Others might have games (ping-pong, etc) that give people the chance to intermingle.

These touches are generally at the discretion of the operators of the co-working space. Of course, They also all contribute to the work environment.


There is no one way to describe the new culture of co-working spaces. Each operation is just as unique as any other office space that is out there.

The difference? These co-working spaces are subject to change again at any given time. That’s their beauty. The energy is so fluid that in some ways, it quite embodies the mobility of the startups themselves.

There is almost something poetic to that isn’t there?

While you can’t sum up the new culture of co-working spaces in a few tidy paragraphs one thing is clear. The co-working environment is having a real, positive impact on the lives of people and teams that would have otherwise worked out of an apartment.

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