Finding the company culture with your remote team

Remote staff, and company culture are both concepts that are quite popular now. And both are great, but they don’t go together, right? How can you establish a culture amongst people who have never met one another?

While this attitude may feel very reasonable, there are actually many ways to establish a company culture amongst remote staff. Doing so is important.

Companies with a distinct cultural identity are often more productive than those that don’t have one. In fact, one survey indicates employees working under a positive company culture are 48% more engaged with their work.

Establishing a company culture with remote workers is very possible. Our goal today is to highlight how this can be done.

Let Personalities Interact

In an office setting, personalities mingle very naturally. In the world of remote work it can be easy for things to remain strictly business.

Try to push back against that expectation. Allow for an environment of silliness and fun when appropriate.

For example, the sharing of memes or gifs on Slack, or other communication programs is an easy way to let personalities come to the foreground.

Naturally, the bulk of communication should be professional. However, the occasional(workplace appropriate) silly message or image will give team members the space to show their fun, creative side.

Bright Smiling Faces

With remote work, there isn’t always the need to actually speak in anything more than text blocks. However, this isn’t a very personal way to get to know someone.

Your staff will likely feel much more connected with scheduled video conferences. This will make a great way to touch base on productive matters, and it also provides a natural space for some personal communications.

Dedicating a few moments at the beginning of conferences for personal chat is all it will take to create a sense of community and culture with your team.

In Person Meetups

If your remote staff is all over the country, regular face to face interactions is simply impossible. However, occasional get togethers are more practical and they are well-worth the investment.

An annual retreat will provide your staff with an excellent opportunity to connect on a personal level. Getting the chance to shake hands and discuss personal things like friends, family, interests, etc. in a less structured environment will be a valuable way create bonds that should transfer back over to the digital realm.

Dedicated Opportunity to Discuss Interests

Try to provide an opportunity for time set aside to discuss shared interests. It can be anything. Books, music, art, film, sports. Whatever interests the members of your team.

You can even allow for a communication channel dedicated just for this. Naturally, the space should not be used all of the time.

The principle focus will always be on work, but if remote workers have a chance to discuss things that they might talk about in an office setting, it will create a sense of community.


Building a company culture with a remote staff is very possible, and very affordable. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Get creative, and give your team the space to get to know one another. The sense of community and trust that these efforts can produce is well worth the investment.

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