5 ways to become a more productive recruiter


A productive recruiter is an invaluable asset to any thriving business. In fact 52% of executives say cultivating talent is one of their biggest challenges.  Recruiters are very valuable. But how to be one? That is the question.

Recruiters are in a tough place right now. Jobs are booming, while good candidates are fewer and far between.

That doesn’t mean the job can’t still be done well. It just means that recruiters now need to maximize their efficiency.

Here are a few traits of a productive recruiter.

Make use of Data

Data is key these days. It’s easily available, and it can have a profound impact on your work. Why is it so important?

Simply put, good data consultation leads to better decision making. Data helps a good, productive recruiter identify issues in their recruiting process. Snags in the process that can be straightened out.

For example, learning how many applicants found the job through a specific job board can be very useful.

The value of this is clear. If you can figure out how people are finding your job you will know where to focus your attention and resources.

Data helps you to work smart.

Create a Positive Experience:

The experience a candidate has during the interview process shapes the way they see the job they are looking at.

A negative interview process will translate into a negative opinion of the job.

Creating enthusiasm and engagement has many benefits. Candidates will be more enthusiastic about the position, and more comfortable throughout the course of the application process.

The result is to everyone’s benefit. Better, happier candidates are exactly what any business would hope to find.

Use Your Resources:

There is plenty of software available to handle some of the challenges of the modern-day recruiter. Finding the right tools starts with goal settings.

Know what you want to accomplish, and then cultivate a list of appropriate human resource programs. The result is well worth the time.

Brand Building:

A productive recruiter is going to craft a narrative that candidates will want to embrace. The job is the product, the applicants are the consumers. A “build it and they will come” mentality.

Even in a market filled with jobs, the cream rises to the top. Candidates want a positive work experience and will work hard to find a potential position that suits that requirement.

Utilize Referrals:

Let the leads come to you! Utilizing existing networks creates a pre-cultivated pool of strong candidates that often reflect the exact reason they were referred in their performance.

They are safe bets, and great finds!


No one ever accused the recruiters of having easy work. Staying on top of the game requires constant effort. It means adapting to an ever-changing world.
The good news is that many of the steps that can be taken to improve productivity are pretty straightforward.

Software is certainly a very viable option for all recruiters. So is data. The modern age creates new problems. There is no denying that. It also creates new solutions. Even in a world of dwindling job seekers, there is always a way for recruiters to stay productive.

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