What remote companies aren’t telling about Remote Work?

Remote work has plenty of positives. The remote worker is accountable mostly to themselves. They can travel, enjoy flexible hours. It’s a lifestyle that most people would really appreciate. Anytime you come across an article about remote work, these are usually the things that people focus on. For good reason. These are the things

Your company’s culture in a co-working space

Coworking spaces make a great, affordable way for startups and other independent businesses to enjoy affordable, lively office space. The problem? You aren’t going to be the only one in these spaces. The shared environment has its benefits, but also its challenges. Namely, how do you put your own stamp on this workplace? Identifying

That’s right! You need a culture-budget for your company

Company culture is often overlooked. Companies murmur about its importance, but don’t quite embrace it the way that they should. It’s too bad. Candidates care about their work environment. Some of them care about it more than salary. In fact, it is estimated that the US economy loses $500 billion a year to workplace

Tech stack for HR department

Tech in the world of human resources has never been bigger or better. Software and data continue to be a driving force in the world of human recourses. But with this tech being so fresh and new, it does leave questions. Protocol, best practices, which piece of technology for which task are all valid

In the changing world of the co-working space

The phrase “co-working space,” is mostly an advent of the last decade. The term registers a little bit funny. “Co-working space?” As opposed to what? We’ve always had co-working spaces, right? We used to call them office spaces. And that is true, but we didn’t always have office spaces that were filled with independent

Dos and don’t of hiring remote workforce

Remote work is big right now and for good reason. Technology has made the conventional office setting less necessary than ever before. A staff doesn’t need to be in the same building, city, or even country to collaborate anymore. But just because something can be done doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be done.

Finding the company culture with your remote team

Remote staff, and company culture are both concepts that are quite popular now. And both are great, but they don’t go together, right? How can you establish a culture amongst people who have never met one another? While this attitude may feel very reasonable, there are actually many ways to establish a company culture

How to Build a Great Remote Team?

Technology has allowed for a significant change in business operations. Thanks to a wide variety of programs, it is easier than ever for people all over the world to collaborate seamlessly. These new collaborative technologies can create excellent opportunities for team building. Now, you aren’t just limited to a candidate pool that is willing

5 ways to become a more productive recruiter

  A productive recruiter is an invaluable asset to any thriving business. In fact 52% of executives say cultivating talent is one of their biggest challenges.  Recruiters are very valuable. But how to be one? That is the question. Recruiters are in a tough place right now. Jobs are booming, while good candidates

Secrets of building the best Company Culture

Skills, experience, and job aptitude are critical components of any thriving workplace. Indeed, these are the qualities that you expect from your applicants. However, businesses are not without their own obligations when it comes to maintaining an optimal work environment. With the job market constantly expanding, companies are now in the position of needing